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A touching dedication to those suffering from dementia. Dedicated to Sandi Lime and Peter Kline. 


Voicing: SATB divisi with soprano & baritone soli

Duration: c.a. 5 minutes

This piece has not yet been premiered.

Please contact me to purchase scores.

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my name is only but a myth

but with a touch of hand,

you know my fate.

as your mind aimlessly wanders

melancholy and fascination fill my lungs

as you gaze into space

while you innocently toy

with an invisible monarch

oblivion is beautiful

your memory is stone cold

your embrace, inevitably warm,

and still full of love

as I watch you go from indigo

to the palest of blue,

your eyes still shine

with the most golden hue

you've loved and lived so faithfully;

now I will see you through.

for though you do not remember me,

I still remember you.

-Shae Lime

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