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young friend ssaa cover.png

Voicing: SSA children's choir

duration: c.a. 3:00

Commissioned by the St. George Children's Choir

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*This is a digital score (PDF)


This piece was commissioned in 2022 by the St. George Children's Choir, a classical children's choir founded in Southern Utah by Mary Wilde and Rachel Cox. The St. George Children's Choir (SGCC) has the mission of providing the children of Southern Utah a classical choir experience that expands their minds, hearts, and souls through song with an emphasis on healthy vocal technique and high-caliber choral repertoire. For more information about SGCC, go to


A note from Mary Wilde, SGCC Co-founder: 

I discovered this poem many years ago on the wall of the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. As a young doctor interviewing for pediatric residency positions, this poem spoke to me of the welcoming, healing presence the natural world offers and that I wanted to offer my patients as a physician. I copied down the poem on a piece of paper and kept it for over 15 years. When the possibility arose of commissioning a new piece for the St. George Children's Choir, I immediately thought of this poem for the text. 


In whatever sphere we're in, we have the power to cultivate an atmosphere of safety and belonging where others feel they have a place. As you experience this piece, please receive our invitation to you: 

Be home here. 

Be healed. 

Be well, 

Be with us all, young friend.


Young friend, 

be part of something old--

be home here in the great world

where rain wants to give you drink

where forest wants to be your house

where frog says your name and says your name

where wee birds carry your wishes far

and the sun reaches for your hand--

be home here

be healed

be well

be with us all

young friend.

-Kim Stafford 

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