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to know the sun cover.png

Voicing: SATB choir, string quartet, piano

duration: 5'30"

Commissioned by Dr. Austin Thorpe for Maple Mountain High School

Click here to view the perusal score.

coming soon

*This is a digital score (PDF) & comes with separate string parts


What I have known here

Is the measure and taste

Of shadow, though some days

Peel into layers of light, ringing

The bell of me, swinging my heart

From a string on the wind despite

The smoke in my belly, despite

The choke of seeing and knowing

Only in part, as a cherubim blind in all

But one eye, a finless fish in the water

Of her being. What I have known

With sweet and close knowledge is pain,

and I must be grateful to know something

—knowing is a gift. I wonder whether Icarus,

Dying, rejoiced to know the sun, rejoiced to have

That single moment

Of nearness

-Haley Hodges Schmid

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