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Voicing: SATB a cappella

duration: 3:30

Please contact me to purchase scores.


The text of this piece is written by my close friend, Shae Lime, and speaks to the experience of witnessing a loved one go through the stages of dementia. I composed this work while studying in Paris at the European American Musical Alliance. Dedicated to Peter Kline and Sandi Lime.


your hand in mine


breathe in, breathe out

as we recollect back to the now

time stands still each time I grow

but for you it ebbs and flows

and as your eyes flutter at me

my heart murmurs unevenly;


in and out

as the sun descends

you trail along with her;

i will guide you back

we pulse in sync

until the morrow robs you again

of the light in your eyes,

and the hope in mine

-Shae Lime

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