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Voicing: 3-part round for equal voices

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This piece is published and sold through Graphite Publishing as part of the Compose Like A Girl series. Click here to purchase.

love isn't static
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A round useful for a variety of contexts, “Love Isn’t Static” is a sincere expression of love. The moderate vocal range is appropriate for all ages. And because “Love Isn’t Static” is unaccompanied, it could be sung as an exercise in a classroom or on a retreat. It could even be a choir’s theme song. Regardless of how it’s used, “Love Isn’t Static” will build skills and communicate a positive message.


Love isn’t static
No, it evolves,
waxing and waning
to an uncertain end.
It can fade,
or it can continue to grow
and become something
truly wondrous.

-Jim Beaupre

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