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Voicing: SATB divisi, soprano, tenor

duration: c.a. 6 mins

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For the St. Olaf Chapel Choir, 2019-2020. Unfortunately, this piece's premiere was canceled due to COVID-19.

coming soon

*This is a digital score (PDF)


This piece deals directly with sexual violence. The text speaks to what consent is and

what it means, and does not mince words.

Please know that if you are dealing with/a survivor of sexual violence,

there are resources for you.

1-800-656-HOPE (4673) - National Sexual Assault Hotline operated by RAINN - resources of male survivors

We respect that this issue is incredibly sensitive and heavy, and that everybody is at different points toward healing and acceptance - please know that, no matter what, you are seen and valid.


-Alekz Thoms


I was inspired to compose Listen after hearing the stories of countless peers who had experienced different forms of sexual assault. The frequency and normalcy of assault in our society makes it a necessary issue to discuss. I collaborated with Alekz on Listen as a way to raise awareness surrounding sexual assault and empower victims of it.


by Alekz Thoms


You must listen to me -

Not words alone but body. 

Read the fear in my tension,

Read the distance in my eyes,

And my silence. 

Listen to my no and give me (tempo change)

Time to say it. 

There is no grandfather clause for my consent,

Yesterday is not today;

I owe you nothing. 

I owe you no grace in my distain,

No movement in my body,

No apology. 

If you cannot handle this responsibility you cannot handle intimacy. 

It’s on you. (return to metric primary theme, climax)

I need you to see me.

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