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Voicing: SATB divisi & treble solo

Duration: c.a. 4 minutes

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This lullaby was something that I wrote in a place of vulnerability. I think that far too often, we think of being a good adult as being fully responsible, independent, and rational.We think of vulnerability as weakness, and listening to our emotions as immaturity.This poem is a rejection of that. It aims to say that it's okay not to be okay, and that it's okay to want to be held. It's okay to need to hear someone tell you,

"I have you right now."

-Paulo Gladney

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by Paulo Gladney

Hush now

I have you

You're safe now

I'm safe too

Hush now

Hear my heart

It beats not just now

But when we're apart

Hush now

You will hold me again

Let go now

I will hold you 'til then

Hush now

This heart is yours

Rest now

This love always endures

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