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Voicing: SATB choir divisi, soprano & baritone soloists, string quartet

duration: c.a. 5 minutes

Click here to view the perusal score.

coming soon

*This is a digital score (PDF) & comes with separate string parts


"Prayer" is the fourth movement from my five-movement work titled "Body." I wrote this during my senior year of college, right before the pandemic hit. "Body" is a reflection on self-image and body dysmorphia. It's essentially an autobiographical progression of my own struggle with body image and eating disorders. At the same time, I was very intentional about not wanting this piece to be graphic or triggering to someone suffering with the same issues. My sincere hope is that "Body" is able to be cathartic for not only the audience but particularly the performers. ALL bodies are beautiful and worthy of love and admiration. 

Despite the title, "Prayer" is not an explicitly sacred movement (although those who are religious are more than welcome to interpret it this way). It is an internal promise to treat yourself with the appreciation and care that you deserve; to "lend an artist's eye" to your body at its current size. 


from "Body"

IV. Prayer

by Claire Chenoweth

I pledge to hold myself until 

I warm my own bones.

To breathe greedily.

To reach with wanting.

To touch with joy.


I swear to miss myself until

I come back home again.

To lend an artist’s eye

to my own form.

To look only with blessings.

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